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A corner of marine paradise inside the Hotel Astoria: the Tropical Aquarium is born

The Astoria Hotel in Genoa is pleased to announce the creation of a new tropical aquarium inside its facility. Inspired by the eponymous Aquarium of Genoa, a symbol of the city, this project stems from the desire to offer its guests an immersive and evocative experience in the marine world.

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Scopri il nuovo acquario tropicale dell'Hotel Astoria di Genova
Discover the new tropical aquarium at Genoa's Hotel Astoria

A project carried out with passion and expertise

The realization of the aquarium was a long and meticulous process that lasted months. We worked with dedication on the design, construction and setup of the aquarium, taking care of every detail to create an ideal environment for its inhabitants. Corals of different species and colorful tropical fish from different parts of the world were selected.

An immersive experience for our guests

Hotel Astoria's tropical aquarium is centrally located on the property, clearly visible to guests. Its beauty and variety of fish make it a must-see attraction for everyone staying at the hotel. In addition,the aquarium is equipped with a lighting system that creates an atmospheric and relaxing atmosphere, perfect for enjoying a quiet moment.

A tribute to the city of Genoa and its maritime tradition

By creating this tropical aquarium, Hotel Astoria wants to pay homage to the city of Genoa and its long maritime tradition. The aquarium is a symbol of the deep connection between the hotel and its territory and culture.


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