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Euroflora Genoa 2022

Genoa in bloom 2022!

The city that welcomes back the Euroflora Flower Festival. Genoa boasts this largest international festival dedicated to all things flower and ornamental plants.

Just a stones throw away from the centre of Genoa City in Italy, 'Parchi di Nervi' to the east will host the historical Euroflora festival. Created in 1966 as an expo to flora, some 250,000 international visitors enjoy the offerings from over 20 countries and nearly 300 exhibitors. This ever growing festival held in Genoa hosts all kinds of exhibitors from flower farmers, producers and gardeners.


April 23rd to May 8th, 2022.


Parchi and Musei di Nervi, Genoa

This 12th edition of the show is set to hit all your senses, stimulating your visual sense to the max as it is set amongst historical villas and gardens with the sea as a backdrop. Unbeatable panorama, the ancient trees in the park of Nervi are nourishing on every level and only add to the ambiance of this spectacular show, proudly being the biggest park that looks over the Mediterranean Sea.

'A World of Rare Beauty' is the slogan of the EuroFlora International Expo in 2022, and that is exactly what is on offer to come and see. The relationship between man and nature, along with the importance of biodiversity are the aims of Euroflora. Inspired by the most famous flower shows in the world like the in the Belgian city of Gand, the French, Nantes and Hungarian, Budapest. Around the time of the expo, other streets in Genoa will decorate their roads in support of this charming festival.


Open 8.30 to 19.00. The last admission allowed is at 6pm.

Daily number of tickets will be limited

Tickets can be purchased by the official website and range in cost according to online purchases, groups, adults, kids and disability.

Make your plans to come to Genoa in 2022 for an unforgettable long weekend.


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