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Half an hour in Genoa: what to see and how to pass the time

Are you in Genoa and looking for what to do in half an hour or so? Even in a short time there are many things you can do to savor the essence of this fascinating city. Although it might seem like a short amount of time, there are some attractions near Hotel Astoria that offer you a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in local art, culture, and architecture. Here are some ideas on how to spend half an hour in Genoa.

Cosa fare a Genova in mezz'ora
What to do in Genoa in half an hour

Walk to Palazzo Ducale

Leave from the Hotel Astoria and head to Piazza de Ferrari and Palazzo Ducale, one of the historic symbols of Genoa. While you may not have enough time for a full visit inside, you can still admire the majesty of this historic building, take a few photos, and perhaps visit one of the many temporary exhibitions held in the rooms inside. The surrounding squares are often animated by street performers and musicians, giving you a small preview of the city's lively atmosphere.

Via Garibaldi and the Strada Nuova Museums

You might also consider heading to Via Garibaldi, one of Genoa's most renowned streets for its architectural beauty. Here you will find the Strada Nuova Museums, a complex of historic buildings that house valuable art collections and furnishings. If time permits, you could make a quick visit to one of the museums for an immersion in Genoese culture.

Street food: a "slerfa" of focaccia to take away

You cannot leave Genoa without savoring its famous focaccia. Before returning to the Hotel Astoria, give yourself a culinary treat by picking up a slice (in Genoese, a "slerfa") of focaccia from one of the local bakeries. It's the perfect way to enjoy a piece of Genoese tradition even when you're short on time.

Explore the Porto Antico

If you are fascinated by the sea and the harbor, a quick stroll to the Porto Antico might be the right choice for you. Admire the boats, breathe in the sea air, and enjoy panoramic views of the harbor and Genoa's iconic Lanterna, the city's historic lighthouse.

Mercato Orientale: a gastronomic stop

If you're within walking distance of Hotel Astoria and Genoa Brignole Station, the Mercato Orientale on Via XX Settembre is a perfect option. Here you can stroll among the lively stalls offering fruits, vegetables, spices, meat, fish and local products. If you're in the mood for a break, head upstairs and treat yourself to an aperitif in a truly unique atmosphere.


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