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Palazzo Ducale, Genoa: Cultural Activities Program for the 2023/2024 Season

Palazzo Ducale continues to be the hub of Genoa's cultural life with a packed program of events for the 2023/2024 season. From October 6, 2023 to June 30, 2024, the palace will host exhibitions, festivals, meetings, and reviews that attract a wide audience. This palimpsest, developed in collaboration with national and international institutions, reflects the Ducal Palace's commitment to promoting culture as an essential element for the civic growth of the community. 

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Let's discover the upcoming events!

Le mostre e gli eventi in programma a Palazzo Ducale
Discover the exhibitions and events scheduled at the Ducal Palace

Aqua Mater, by Sebastião Salgado - Photography

One of the highlights is Sebastião Salgado's exhibition “Aqua Mater,” which can be visited from March 23 to July 14, 2024. This exhibition features over forty large-format photographs that explore water as a vital and precious resource

Salgado's visually striking images invite visitors to reflect on the beauty and fragility of water, emphasizing the importance of its conservation in an era of climate change. The exhibition is a unique opportunity to admire the work of one of the most influential photographers of our time and to raise awareness of crucial ecological issues.

Nostalgia. Stories and expressions of a feeling, from the Renaissance to Conceptual Art - Figurative Arts

From April 24 to Sept. 1, 2024, Ducal Palace is hosting “Nostalgia. Stories and Expressions of a Feeling, from the Renaissance to Conceptual Art,” an exhibition curated by Matteo Fochessati and Anna Vyazemtseva. The exhibition explores the theme of nostalgia through ten thematic sections spanning various historical periods and artistic movements. 

This journey through the figurative arts allows visitors to understand how the feeling of nostalgia has been interpreted and represented by artists over the centuries, offering a rich and varied overview of this complex emotional state.

Meetings - Literature and Philosophy

Palazzo Ducale's cultural program also includes major events dedicated to literature and philosophy. Prominent among them is the series of meetings “The Empire of Genoa”, a study conference curated by Lucio Caracciolo and Marco Ansaldo, which explores the power of the Ligurian colonies in the medieval period.

In addition, the series of meetings “Philosophy of Fashion”, curated by Simone Regazzoni, and the “Aqua mater” meetings, linked to Sebastião Salgado's photography exhibition and curated by Telmo Pievani, will focus on the theme of water, involving experts and scholars in an interdisciplinary dialogue.

“Visions. Reading between the lines” - Meetings, workshops and performances dedicated to schools

Another significant event is the second edition of “Visions. Reading between the lines,” scheduled from November 30 to December 2, 2024. This event, produced in collaboration with the Regional School Office for Liguria, the University of Genoa and Andersen Magazine, will include two days of meetings, workshops and performances dedicated to the world of education, with a special focus on books and reading. Participants will be able to interact with writers, artists, illustrators and pedagogists, creating a bridge between culture and education.


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