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Rolli Days: a journey through the art and history of Genoa

For art and history enthusiasts, Rolli Days in Genoa is an unmissable event that takes place in the picturesque setting of this port city. During the event, visitors have the incredible opportunity to cross the threshold of the monumental Rolli Palaces, a UNESCO heritage site.

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Visita i palazzi di Genova durante i Rolli Days
Visit the palaces of Genoa during the Rolli Days

What are the Rolli palaces?

Rolli Palaces refers to an extensive list of historic Genoese mansions. During the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, these buildings were listed in special "rolli", or public registers, which contained the residences deemed suitable for hosting state dignitaries of the time visiting Genoa. 

The imposing and varied Renaissance and Baroque architecture of the Rolli Palaces reflects the artistic and cultural heights reached by the Republic of Genoa. Sumptuous frescoes, majestic staircases, and intricate plays of perspective offer the eye scenery of unparalleled beauty. Each palace takes the form of an exhibition museum, revealing works of art and furnishings that trace the centuries of Genoa's glorious history.

Scopri le opere custodite nei Palazzi dei Rolli
Discover the works kept in the Palazzi dei Rolli

Rolli Days: a cultural event not to be missed

The Rolli Days is an event that has managed to win the hearts of citizens and tourists alike, turning into a true symbol of the city's cultural life. Past editions have left an indelible mark, making the anticipation for the event full of expectation and excitement.

During Rolli Days, Genoa turns into an open-air stage, where every corner tells a story, every stone reveals a piece of the past. The special feature of these days is the possibility to access places usually closed to the public. It is a unique opportunity to admire the magnificence of secret halls and interior gardens full of charm.

The events you can participate in:

  • Guided tours under the banner of discovery and learning, captained by expert connoisseurs of local history.

  • Temporary art exhibitions, which are housed within the historic buildings, creating an exciting dialogue between ancient and modern.

  • Musical events, ranging from classical music to modern reinterpretations.

Ricorda di prenotare le visite!
Remember to book your visits!

Plan your visit: reservations and useful tips

With Rolli Days just around the corner, it is essential to stress the importance of reservations. Due to the large turnout of art and history enthusiasts, places for guided tours of the magnificent Rolli palaces are often limited. For this reason, we strongly recommend booking tours on the official Rolli Days website well in advance: this applies to both free and paid tours.


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