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Romanengo Patisserie: discover the historic confectionery

Antica Confetteria Romanengo is one of Genoa's oldest and most renowned pastry shops. Not just a place to eat a pastry, but a real treasure chest that holds two centuries of history.

The pastry shop was founded in 1780 by the Romanengo family, who began making cakes and pastries for the city. Over the years, the shop has become increasingly famous for the quality of its products and the high professionalism of its pastry chefs.

Scopri le delizie della Pasticceria Romanengo
Discover the delights of Romanengo Patisserie

Admire the antique furnishings

Pasticceria Romanengo was founded in 1780, as evidenced by the marble floors, frescoed ceilings and monumental furnishings, which are still the original ones of the time.

Original equipment, a shell-shaped marble sink, rosewood shelves-these are just some of the details that can be admired inside the store.

Our advice? The bakery is worth visiting as much for the sweets as for the atmosphere!

Famous guests

Confetteria Romanengo has been hosting famous people for about two centuries. The store's historical archives confirm orders received from some of the most illustrious personalities who have lived or stayed in Genoa. These include the Duchess of Galliera, the Duchess of Parma, almost all members of the Doria Family, up to Giuseppe Verdi, who stayed at Villa del Principe for a time.

The Confectionery

Antica Confetteria Romanengo offers tasty treats prepared with the finest natural ingredients and no preservatives. In addition to typical Genoese pastries, Pietro Romanengo's store was first established as a confectionery, that is, a place where fruits, flowers, spices and flavorings are processed with sugar to create candied fruit and colorful sweets.

During the 19th century it also became a chocolate shop, with recipes that saw the meeting of Italian and French traditions.

Visit Pasticceria Romanengo to sample seasonal sweets, including candied fruit available between May and September, one of the confectionery's most celebrated products.

Don't miss Romanengo's famous "Romanengo sweets", which include truffles, "santé" chocolate cream meringues, caramelized fruit, almond paste, and chestnut cream pastries. At Christmas time you can then find handmade nougats, at Carnival chocolate pots and almond paste ravioli, at Easter chocolate eggs, sugar fantasies and almond paste eggs. Always a surprise!

Where it is located

The bakery has several outlets in the city. The oldest, opened in 1814, is at Via Soziglia 74 R, in the heart of Genoa's historic center. It can be reached on foot from the Hotel Astoria, with a 14 minute, or by taking the subway from Brignole station to Piazza De Ferrari, then walking through the narrow streets of the center.


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