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Things To Do On A Rainy Day - Genova Theatre 2021/2022 Season

No Italian city would be complete without a theatre. Genova is no exception. Built in 1872 and still standing after being hit twice during the second world war, this impressive building located in Piazza De Ferrari has held space for entertaining kings, queens, locals and tourists for performances of opera, ballet, orchestral music, and recitals. Completely rebuilt and refurbished, Carlo Felice is a good example of theatrical architecture and interior design. One of few excellent opera houses in Italy. Inaugurated on April 7th 1828 with the opera 'Bianca e Fernando' by Vincenzo Bellini performances continue - with the 2021/2022 season upon us.

Opera Genova 2021/ 2022 Season Listing

November 19th - 30th 2021: 'Bianca and Fernando'

December 30th 2021 - January 5th 2022: Happy Widow' Operetta in three parts by Franz Lehár

Symphonic Genova 2021/ 2022 Season Listing

November 6th 2021: Finals 71st Viotti Competition Final Round with orchestra

Concert master and conductor: Marcello Rota

December 3rd 2021: Notes from the world: France

Choir master: Francesco Aliberti

December 7th 2021: Oratory of San Giovanni Battista, Alessandro Stradella

December 11th 2021: The world of the moon.

In collaboration with: Malko Competition for Young Conductors 2021 / DNSO

For the evening shows, the opening is scheduled one hour before the start and closes 15 minutes after the start.

For Sunday afternoon shows, the opening is scheduled two hours before the start and closes 15 minutes after the start.

Ticket availability and enquiries can be made directly wit the theatre or with us at the hotel Astoria, Genova

(Covid measures are in place as is a GREEN PASS requirement)


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