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A fabulous sea 30 min by train from Genoa: 3 beaches to visit

In the heart of beautiful Liguria, just 30 minutes by train from Genoa, lie some real treasures: three enchanting beaches that will leave you breathless. Let's discover together the wonders of Bogliasco, Sori and Vesima, places where the sea and nature come together in a perfect union.

Scopri la bellezza del mar Ligure
Discover the beauty of the Ligurian Sea

Bogliasco: a charming seaside village

The beaches of the picturesque village of Bogliasco consist mostly of smooth pebbles that make the atmosphere even more authentic. The deep blue waters, typical of this area of Liguria, gently caress the coastline, creating a perfect environment to relax and enjoy a day at the beach.

Bogliasco, in addition to its beaches and hidden cliffs, also boasts a small but charming historic center. Perfect for admiring the old colorful houses overlooking the sea, and the imposing church that welcomes tourists from the station. An ideal place to immerse yourself in the local culture, enjoy authentic Ligurian cuisine, and be tempted by the sea-view venues.

Sori: where the sky meets the sea

Continuing our itinerary, we reach Sori, a little gem where the sky merges with the sea. Here, too, the beach is made up of smooth pebbles, which gives it a truly evocative atmosphere. The turquoise waters are perfect for cooling off on hot summer days.

Sori is also known for its beach clubs and its quaint little streets, framed by typical Ligurian houses.

Vesima: a corner of tranquility

Our ranking of beaches within half an hour of Genoa would not be complete without mentioning Vesima. This enchanting place will captivate you with its quiet and relaxing atmosphere. Imagine yourself lying on a sunbed, lulled by the gentle sound of the waves crashing on the beach.

Vesima is surrounded by lush nature and also offers the opportunity to hike among the scenic trails that line the coast. You can enjoy spectacular views and take breathtaking photographs for your unforgettable memories.

Le spiagge più belle a 30 minuti da Genova
The most beautiful beaches 30 minutes from Genoa

How to reach the beaches

All these wonderful beaches are easily accessible from the Hotel Astoria, located in the center of Genoa. From here, it will only take a 5-minute walk to Genoa Brignole station.

Once at the station, each location is easily reached with a short train ride of about half an hour. Bogliasco, Sori, and Vesima stations are all located a short distance from their respective beaches, making arrival even easier.


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