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Boccadasse, Genoa's Beach Getaway

If you are lucky enough to be staying at Genoa's newest luxury hotel - Hotel Astoria, then you are not only in the heart of Genoa city, but also a short picturesque bus ride away from 'Boccadasse'. A neighbourhood of just 5km square and a population of 5000, Boccadasse is an old mariners village in one of the districts making up Genoa. Come rain or shine, this picture postcard Italian gem won't disappoint.

Boccadasse ~ a picturesque bus ride from the Hotel Astoria Genoa
Boccadasse ~ a picturesque bus ride from the Hotel Astoria Genoa

Small boats, colourful houses and the sound of the water, Boccadasse is an unmissable place to take a long stroll out of the city and grab a relaxing coffee or aperitivo. If you are looking for a place to eat some Ligurian fish or ice-cream then this idyllic city beach is the perfect place. The beach is small and without sand but considering that it is a beach by the city, the fact that there is no sand to get stuck onto your legs and clothes is a positive if you are returning back into Genoa city after. This ocean promenade from the city centre leads along to a climb of a winding pathway up to a viewpoint that provides commanding views of the Mediterranean. It’s about an hour and a half walk from the central train station in Genoa, but a pleasant and interesting one at that. Getting to Boccadasse is all about the journey, and once you are there, the postcard moments are yours for the taking. The most iconic view is just at the end of the Corso de Italy.

Off season trips require a picnic but well worth the effort.

For any picnic food and drink requirements simply ask the Hotel Astoria reception team.

Boccadasse is also characterised by its church, in the main square, named after Saint Antony of Padua. On the west side this panoramic square, the church is dedicated to the Genoese poet Edoardo Firpo (1889—1957) a Genovese poet who wrote both in dialect and in Italian. Well worth a visit.

Travel Logistics:

Boccadasse is 3 mile walk from Genova Piazza Principe railway station by bus number 36 to Brignole Train Station then by bus number 31 or bus No 42 goes to Boccadasse from Via Dante near the De Ferrari metro station.


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