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160 years of hospitality
in the heart of Genoa

The history of Hotel Astoria in Genoa proudly stretches across three centuries.

It was founded in 1860 by the Marquis Serra, a distinguished noble family of the Republic of Genoa.
It was created in response to an ever-increasing demand for a style of accommodation that could live up to the expectations of the European bourgeoisie, who were eager to explore and discover cities with significant cultural, artistic and urban expansion, just like Genoa.


Fabrizio De Andrè:
A touch of poetry in the hotel

The fusion of Neoclassical and Liberty styles, unique among the city’s hotels, reflects the exclusive guests that have stayed here over the years.

One of the most memorable was Fabrizio De André, an icon of Genoa city and one of the most known singers and songwriters of Italian music. He stayed multiple times in one of the hotel rooms always accompanied by his guitar and his unmistakable smile.. 

HotelAstoriaGenova_2. STORIA-05.jpg

Today Astoria is a modern hotel, renovated and equipped with every amenity.
We are extremely proud of our heritage,

and look forward to a bright future, still to be written. 

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