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Church Concerts in Genoa: discover all the events

Genoa, a city where art meets spirituality in its historic churches, periodically becomes the stage for concerts that attract a diverse audience. These events not only enhance the city's cultural and architectural heritage but also offer a unique experience that blends music, history and art in places of extraordinary beauty.

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Concerti in Chiesa a Genova: soffitto della chiesa
Attend church concerts in Genoa

Churches in Music

"Churches in Music" is just one of the events that enliven Genoa's churches, transforming them into exceptional auditoriums for live music. This initiative, which takes place between December and January, features artists of regional and national caliber.


Genoese churches regularly host concerts that span a wide musical spectrum. From sacred music performances that resonate in centuries-old aisles to classical music performances that take advantage of the unique acoustics of these spaces, concerts in Genoese churches offer immersive and spiritually enriching experiences. Artists, choirs and orchestras perform in historic places of worship, such as the Basilica of Santa Maria delle Vigne and the Church of Sant'Anna, presenting programs ranging from classical masterpieces to contemporary compositions.

Chiese in Musica e non solo: scopri la programmazione
Churches in Music and more: discover the programming

A diverse calendar for all tastes

The calendar of musical events in Genoa's churches extends throughout the year with a variety of concerts that cater to different musical tastes. These events not only allow people to discover the city's vast cultural and artistic heritage in a unique setting, but also offer musicians the opportunity to perform in places rich in history and significance. Free or donation based access to many of these concerts makes music more accessible to all, helping to strengthen the sense of community and promote musical culture among Genoese and visitors.


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