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Visit d'Albertis Castle: treasures, architecture and breathtaking views

Hidden among the ancient streets of Genoa, d'Albertis Castle is a neo-medieval architectural gem erected in 1886. This fascinating building, which incorporates a bastion of the ancient walls, is surrounded by a charming park, and offers visitors a unique experience in the heart of the Ligurian city.

Castello D'Albertis
Explore d'Albertis Castle

The Castle: history and architecture

D'Albertis Castle owes its existence to Captain Enrico Alberto D'Albertis, a daring explorer and ship captain who dedicated his life to traveling the world in search of new cultures and treasures. His passion for exploration led him to amass a vast collection of non-European objects, which today form the core of the Museum of World Cultures.

Castello d'Albertis is not just a container of treasures; it is an architectural masterpiece in itself. This historic mansion is a perfect example of the eclectic style of the turn of the last century, characterized by a mixture of influences from different eras and cultures. The castle is a tribute to the Middle Ages, with neo-Romanesque and neo-Gothic features that recall the period considered "glorious" in Genoa's history. The building is adorned with turrets, loggias, spiral staircases, towers, and battlements, giving it a magic atmosphere reminiscent of fairy-tale castles.

A fascinating detail is the presence of elements dedicated to Christopher Columbus, also a navigator-collector. D'Albertis Castle is embellished with allusions to the great explorer, including a replica of Giulio Monteverde's famous "Christopher Columbus as a young man" statue, located on a terrace from which there is a spectacular view of Genoa's harbor. The entire castle, adorned by the many materials and objects from different cultures, is reminiscent of D'Annunzio's famous "Vittoriale," but smaller in size and with greater stylistic coherence given by the medieval theme.

The park

The extraordinary richness of the interior is heralded by the beauty of the park. Located on the hill of Montegalletto, the castle offers a panoramic view of the city of Genoa and the Ligurian Sea. The garden, with its enchanted atmosphere, is the perfect place for a relaxing walk or to watch the sunset over the city.

Il Museo delle Culture del Mondo
The Museum of World Cultures

The Museum of World Cultures

The heart of Castello d'Albertis is the Museum of World Cultures. The collections on display include objects from the five continents, collected with passion and curiosity by Enrico Alberto D'Albertis and his cousin Luigi Maria D'Albertis. Each room of the museum is furnished in a unique style, allowing visitors to take a real journey into the world of ethnography and archaeology.

The entrance into the 16th-century bastion, on which the castle rests, opens a new tour, enriched by non-European acquisitions from the last century, pre-Columbian archaeological finds, and ethnographic materials from Canada. These treasures were donated by the U.S. Catholic Missions after they were exhibited at the Colombian celebrations in 1892 and have been beautifully reimagined with a signature display that dialogues with the cultures of origin.


Castello D'Albertis in Genoa is easily accessible from different parts of the city. If you are staying at Hotel Astoria, you can take a nice walk to the castle, or take the subway from Brignole station to Principe station. From Principe station, cross Piazza Acquaverde-via Balbi and take the "Castello d'Albertis-Montegalletto" elevator that will take you directly to the villa's park. Hotel Astoria staff offer information and taxi assistance upon request.


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