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Explore our Guide to Genoa: Itineraries, History and Culture at your fingertips

Hotel Astoria, located a stone's throw from Genoa's historic center, provides a comprehensive and detailed travel guide written by journalist Giovanni Dall'Orto. This online guide is an indispensable companion for those wishing to explore the city and learn about its hidden treasures. With a variety of sections covering history, culture and itineraries, it offers plenty of useful information to make each visit unique and unforgettable.

La nostra Guida di Genova online
Discover our online Guide to Genoa

Contents of the Guide

Inside our guide to Genoa, you can find a rich overview of the city's main cultural attractions. It includes details about the finest museums, such as the National Gallery at Palazzo Spinola, historic palaces, such as Palazzo Ducale, and iconic monuments, such as the Cathedral of San Lorenzo.

Each section is enriched with historical tales and trivia that help to better understand the city's cultural context. The guide also explores the Porto Antico, a place of great historical and contemporary significance, home to the Aquarium of Genoa and the starting point for numerous boat and walking tours.

Tips for those with only half an hour to spare

For those with only half an hour to spare, our guide suggests some easily accessible and interesting stops. A walk to Piazza De Ferrari allows you to admire the famous Carlo Felice Theater and Palazzo Ducale, two symbols of Genoese cultural life. Alternatively, a quick visit starting from Brignole station offers the opportunity to explore Via XX Settembre, Genoa's main shopping street, full of stores and cafes. These short excursions are ideal for those who want to soak up the atmosphere of the city even with little time to spare.

Walks in and around Genoa

For those who wish to explore Genoa on foot, this guide suggests some of the most fascinating walks around the city. One of the most impressive is the one that leads to the Nervi Parks, a green area that offers spectacular views of the sea and a peaceful setting for relaxing. History buffs can follow a route along the city's ancient walls, which lead to Genoa's forts, offering breathtaking views and a unique perspective on the city's military history. In addition, the Boccadasse neighborhood, with its colorful houses and fishing village atmosphere, is perfect for a romantic and relaxing stroll.

Tips for visiting Genoa with children

Genoa is an ideal city for families, and our online Genoa guide devotes an entire section to activities suitable for children. The Genoa Aquarium is one of the main attractions, with its spectacular tanks housing a wide range of marine species. Another must-see is the Città dei Bambini e dei Ragazzi, a recently renovated interactive center where children can learn through play. The Natural History Museum, with its exhibits dedicated to nature, is another destination that will capture the interest of the whole family. These activities provide an educational and fun experience suitable for all ages.


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