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Genova Aquarium and Hotel Offers 2022

Italy: Genoa Aquarium and Hotel Offers 2022
Italy: Genoa Aquarium and Hotel Offers 2022

Just walking to the aquarium in Geneva’s traditional yet super modernised port is a joy. Red brick buildings, a ferris wheel, palm tree lined wide boulevard and the centrepiece of the magnificent port filled with boats of all shapes and sizes and screaming with history.

For decades, Genoa has been the main show of Italian ports, and with this nautical heritage, it would be a pity not to have a place for all things sea remembered here. At the ‘Porto Antico’, or ancient port, a whole day can be spent in or outdoors strolling, learning, eating or drinking good Italian coffee, but a visit to the aquarium is a must- for singles, couples, kids the like.

An extremely well organised space, the Genoa aquarium entrance is situated on the largest of the pedestrian boulevards leading to a main square, useful on busier days where queuing can busy up the area. All situated in the ‘cento storicò’, the old town, both the marine museum and aquarium can be found, Genoa is no longer with the reputation of being an old and dirty port city. The port, a salute to the grandiose of Genova from yesteryear, houses an impressive old ship from the film pirates of 1985 and sits proudly next to the larger luxury boating vessels that make up the majority of the vessels nowadays, perfectly situated for admiring while you wait in

line to gain entry into the aquarium.

As Western Europe’s largest aquarium, the city of Genoa has not skimped out on neither the range of species nor the man made habitation.

Let's step inside.

Seahorses, eels, sharks and penguins, the list of species is second to none, with over 70 ecosystems and 12,000 sea specimens and marine life. On entering the aquarium you are transported well away from the bustling port over ground and are immediately hit with the tranquility that both water and animals bring. Be impressed with the ‘The dance of the jellyfish’ or a close encounter in the Cetacean Pavilion with the dolphins in one of the four open-air tanks. If penguins are your thing then take a one and a half hour tour with the penguin keeps who will show you everything from food preparation to feeding! The Genoa aquarium has been the go-to aquarium since 1992 and well worth a visit on your stay to this magnificent city.

Ticket variations exist, with changeable date tickets and flexi-bookings. There is also the option to buy an Acquario Pass annual subscription if you wish to become a frequent visitor.

For an even more unforgettable experience at Genoa Aquarium, you can book an evening dinner under the sea. To learn more see the official website here where there is also the option to use the aquarium as a venue for private parties and weddings. There are a deals to be had when booking your visit to the aquarium in conjunction with the Hotel Astoria to also receive a generous discounted hotel room rate.

By booking a stay + aquarium we will send you the tickets before your arrival. The advantages? Avoid the queue for the ticket and discounted price!

Details of the offer: Payment at the time of booking and non-refundable

Immediate sending of tickets and the code useful for booking the visit, mandatory 24 hours in advance to guarantee the performance of the activities inside the aquarium without crowding Minimum stay two nights

Discounts applicable to stays longer than two nights: - 3 nights -10% - 5 nights -15%

The Aquarium is open from 09.00 to 20.00 last admission 18.00.


Where to find or contact us:

Address : Piazza Brignole 4, Genoa, Italy, 16122

Tel : +39 01 0455 6125


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