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Smart Working Working Holidays Genova January 2022

Digital nomad, smart work from Genoa January 2022

If you are lucky enough to have some holiday time or even just a weekend spare then a visit to Genova in January won't disappoint you. Right now might ask yourself what could Genova possibly over in the winter months, during a pandemic and also after Christmas?

There are those who see limits and those who see opportunity. We have compiled this blog for the latter. We understand that Genova can't compete with a summer in Sicily, but it's not that that we are offering here as a suggestion to visit Genova mid winter in January 2022. More and more of us are being given the opportunity to become ‘digital nomads’ where smart working in the winter European months brings endless possibilities. Italy brings hustle and bustle at the best of times, especially in peak seasons so the joy of having this charmingly beautiful city steeped in history almost to yourself should be the reason to visit and soak up some real Italy.

With more and more people now 'smart working' and having the chance to be more mobile, Genova city is an optimal destination. Endless cafes, both chain and independent offer cosy spaces where wifi is secure and fast generally. The historic buildings surround the city streets like a sea of stories waiting to be read. Inspiration in abundance, as well as perfect Italian coffee.

Genoa, a central city in northern Italy, ideal for smart working in winter.

Tech solutions and internet accessibility in Genoa are up there with the other major northern Italian cities, such as Florence, Turin, Bologna, Trieste and Milan, with an abundance of places that meet every taste, from historical to elegant, modern or bohemian streets and districts. The garden areas by the sea on a January morning offers inspiration beyond one’s imagination so if you’re prepping for a business presentation, meeting, writing a blog or book, Genoa smart working solutions for January 2022 and beyond are optimal.

The hotel Astoria offers smart working solutions along with the perfect blend of a hotel get away in the centre of Genova city but also a short bus, train or can journey away from other major Italian cities and scenic destinations. Benefit from discounted winter room rates and long stays.


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