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WWF Genoa Oasis: a haven of biodiversity and sustainable agriculture

The new WWF Oasis of Genoa was inaugurated on May 21, 2023 on WWF Oasis Day. Located in Biscaccia locality, in the municipality of Mele, it represents a true paradise of biodiversity, with a unique feature: it is the first oasis in Italy entirely linked to agriculture.

Owner Marco Loconte decided to give up his profession as a computer scientist to devote himself to nature and revive this countryside that his family has been cultivating since 1905. Through affiliation with WWF, Loconte wishes to preserve and grow this nature as a heritage of all.

Scopri l'Oasi WWF di Genova
Discover the WWF Oasis in Genoa


The Genoa WWF Oasis boasts an extraordinary biodiversity that extends to both agricultural crops and wild animal and plant species.

The diversity of agricultural crops is critical to the ecosystem's health, providing glades, meadows and rows that are crucial habitats for numerous insects and birds. This diversity of biodiversity, in turn, contributes to the well-being of the crops themselves, reducing the need for chemical pesticides.

Natural and organic farming based on the closed-cycle concept is adopted here, using only manure from their own Amiata donkeys as fertilizer and recovering ancient local seeds. Thanks to these sustainable practices, the required irrigation is very low, reducing the impact on the environment.

A harmonious union between agriculture and nature

The recent opening of the WWF Oasis represents a harmonious union between agriculture and nature. The Loconte family, with its love for the land, has created a true country balcony overlooking the sea.

An idyllic place that provides an ideal environment for biodiversity conservation, promoting sustainable agricultural practices that protect natural ecosystems. Limited use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers helps maintain a natural balance, preventing damage to local flora and fauna.

Agriculture also plays an important role as a guardian of vital ecosystems, such as glades, meadows and row crops, which provide habitats for many species of insects and birds.

Visita l'Oasi WWF di Genova
Visit the WWF Oasis in Genoa

The Importance of Biodiversity Conservation

The creation of the WWF Oasis testifies to the importance of biodiversity conservation in an agricultural context. At a time when monocultures and fallow land threaten species diversity, the Genoa WWF Oasis is committed to preserving and promoting a variety of crops and habitats. This sustainable approach not only promotes ecosystem health, but also provides direct benefits for agriculture itself by reducing dependence on chemical pesticides through the presence of animals that act as natural pesticides.

How to get there

Starting from the Hotel Astoria, you have several options for getting to Genoa WWF Oasis, either by car or by public transportation.

If you have a car, you will head northwest along the main road until you reach Via XX Settembre. From there, you will continue to the A7 highway, taking the Mele exit and turning right onto Via San Bernardo. Continuing on this road, you will reach the Genoa WWF Oasis.

If you prefer to use public transportation, you can take the city bus line 701. Our staff is at your disposal for further information.


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