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Exhibitions and events at the Galata Museum

Set in the splendid setting of Genoa's Old Port, the city that for centuries dominated the seas with its powerful maritime republic, stands the Galata Maritime Museum. This extraordinary museum is not simply a container of historical memories related to the maritime universe; it is a true open door to the world, a bridge between past, present and future, where the sea is told in all its forms. With its impressive architecture, the Galata offers a unique perspective on the city's rich maritime heritage and beyond.

The Old Port, whose nerve center is just a stone's throw from the museum, is a vibrant place of history and modernity, a meeting point for those who want to immerse themselves in Genoese life, amidst picturesque views and innovation.

Il Galata Museo del Mare - programmazione eventi e mostre temporanee
Visit temporary exhibitions and attend upcoming events at Galata

The Galata in Genoa: beyond the maritime museum

Known primarily for its extensive collection devoted to maritime history, the Galata Maritime Museum goes far beyond simple tours. In addition to offering an impressive permanent exhibit that includes the S518 Nazario Sauro submarine, the museum regularly organizes thematic exhibitions and events. These often unique initiatives aim to deepen the intrinsic link between man and the sea, offering visitors immersive and innovative experiences.

The Galata Museo del Mare stands out, then, not only as a custodian of nautical traditions, but also as a promoter of an ongoing dialogue with the public through a dynamic offering of exhibitions and events.

Exhibitions and events scheduled for 2024

Thanks to a rich program, it is possible to discover the countless narratives that the sea has to offer: from historical explorations to contemporary challenges, via human adventures and technological revolutions. Carefully curated and periodically renewed temporary exhibitions, together with a series of cultural, scientific and artistic events, transform Galata into a place where every visit becomes a unique experience, enriched by discovery and learning.

For 2024, the Galata has a rich and varied program in store, ranging from contemporary art to history, from science to culture. Among the most anticipated, and just concluded, events are:

  • "Immense Blue", a contemporary art exhibition from March 10 to 17, which explores the theme of infinity and exploration.

  • "For the High Open Sea", March 1 to 12, a reflection on the metaphor of the sea in human life.

  • "Liquid Sky", second edition, Feb. 28 to March 6, an event combining art, science and technology to explore the wonders of the sky and sea.

These events join many others, including those related to the holiday season, demonstrating the dynamism and variety of the museum's cultural offerings. To keep up to date, it is recommended to consult the Galata Museum's official website.

Il Museo del Mare di Genova
Discover the Museo del Mare in Genoa

Where the museum is located

The Galata Museum is located in the heart of Genoa, in the Old Port area, precisely at Calata De Mari, 1. Located near the Genoa Aquarium and the Maritime Station, the museum stands in the oldest building of the old Darsena, a witness to the glorious maritime history of the Republic of Genoa. For more information and to better organize your stay in Genoa, we recommend contacting the staff at Hotel Astoria.


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