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Genoa Aquarium: the new hall dedicated to Marine Protected Areas

Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) of Liguria find new space on the second floor of the Genoa Aquarium. The new exhibit hall, dedicated to the memory of Riccardo Cattaneo-Vietti, Professor at the Department of Earth Sciences of Environment and Life at the University of Genoa, was officially opened on March 7, 2024.

Marine protected area refers to a portion of sea or coastline dedicated to the protection of biodiversity. Within it, initiatives under the banner of eco-sustainability are encouraged. And it is precisely with these realities that Acquario di Genova has signed the scientific collaboration agreement to carry out research and conservation projects and devise awareness and information actions aimed at explaining the existence and importance of these areas of sea and coast dedicated to the protection of biodiversity.

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La nuova sala AMP dell'Acquario di Genova
Discover the new MPA room at the Genoa Aquarium

The new MPA room: a journey through Marine Protected Areas

The room dedicated to Marine Protected Areas at the Genoa Aquarium is located on the second floor and features four tanks housing numerous species of Mediterranean fish and invertebrates.

In addition, a key issue is addressed: plastic pollution in the sea. The room hosts two installations made from recycled plastic recovered from ghost nets found at sea. These installations highlight the devastating impact of plastic on marine ecosystems and promote the importance of adopting sustainable behaviors to reduce plastic pollution.

Explore the beauty of Marine Protected Areas in real time

Marine Protected Areas play a key role in the conservation of biodiversity and the protection of marine ecosystems. Through scientific research, awareness and education, these areas promote the preservation and enhancement of the natural marine heritage, thus contributing to the preservation of marine species and sensitive habitats.

The goal of this new, albeit small, hall is therefore to educate about the importance of protecting marine species and habitats. Thanks to real-time webcam footage, you can have a unique experience observing life on the seabed of the Bergeggi Island Marine Protected Area.


The Marine Protected Areas of Liguria

Liguria is a special territory, with its 350 kilometers of coastline and its three national Marine Protected Areas (MPAs): Portofino, Cinque Terre, and Bergeggi. In addition, Liguria is also home to two Regional Marine Protection Areas: Capo Mortola and Portovenere. MPAs consist of marine environments, waters, seabeds and stretches of coastline that are of significant interest for biodiversity and scientific, ecological, cultural, educational and economic importance.


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