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Genoa: among the 50 best cities to visit in 2024

Travel Lemming ranked Genoa 26th among its 50 recommended destinations for 2024, emphasizing its uniqueness that combines the past, contemporary creativity, and the priceless embrace of the sea.

Against this backdrop, Hotel Astoria emerges as an excellent option for those wishing to stay in Genoa. Recently renovated with modern taste, yet without forgetting its original elegance, it is the ideal solution for exploring the wonders of Genoa. Discover our offers.

Genova: tra le 50 migliori città da visitare nel 2024
Genoa: among the 50 best cities to visit in 2024

The historic center: immerse yourself in the city's history

In the heart of Genoa's historic center, labyrinthine carruggi tell centuries-old stories among the stones. The cathedral of San Lorenzo and the basilica of Santa Maria delle Vigne emerge as iconic architectural masterpieces, embedded in the urban fabric. For a more intimate experience, exploring the Magdalena district reveals hidden corners and local authenticity. The prestigious via Garibaldi stands out for its historic palaces, witnesses of bygone eras. Finally, among the atmospheres of these places, cathedrals invite a plunge into spirituality and art, completing a journey steeped in Genoese charm.

The Museums

Genoa's museums constitute a cultural heritage rich in historical evidence. Through the halls of the elegant historic palaces, it is possible to embark on a journey through time, admiring the sumptuous collections and works of great value. In the heart of the historic center, the statue of Niccolò Paganini stands as a tribute to the city's musical greatness, a unique moment to reflect on his artistic legacy.

Among the recommended destinations, the Royal Palace Museum is certainly among those not to be missed. Inside you can admire the furnishings and works of art that tell the story of the Genoese nobility.

Cosa visitare a Genova: scopri l'Acquario
What to visit in Genoa: discover the Aquarium

The Aquarium

The Aquarium boasts the distinction of being the largest in Europe and one of the largest in the world. From dolphins to colorful jellyfish, each tank is a world unto itself. Tip: Take advantage of less crowded hours to fully enjoy the Aquarium's magical atmosphere.

Genova e i suoi quartieri sul mare
Genoa and its seaside neighborhoods

The Deep Connection with the Sea

The Galata Museum is a plunge into Genoa's maritime history. Masterfully renovated, the museum offers a detailed overview of the eras when Genoa ruled the seas.

A stone's throw from the Galata, the Old Port, with its design by Renzo Piano, is a modern cultural center with restaurants, stores, and attractions, including the famous Bigo, the panoramic elevator, and the Biosphere, located right next to the Aquarium.


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