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How, When, Where, Costs for San Lorenzo Cathedral, Genova

The stunning city Cathedral has been through relocation, expansion, fire, reconstruction, restoration and rebuilding and in 1133 became the seat of the archbishop of Genoa. It became a cathedral in the 9th century, and is dedicated to Saint Lawrence was one of the seven deacons of the city of Rome, Italy, during the tenure of Pope Sixtus II (10 August is his feast day).

Fee: free to enter, though donations are encouraged.

Phone: +39 010 265786 (Italy)

San Lorenzo Cathedral Genova - Near Hotel Astoria

Architectural styles: Romanesque architecture, Gothic architecture, Renaissance

Current 2021 Opening Hours:

Monday 8am–12pm, 3–7pm

Tuesday 8am–12pm, 3–7pm

Wednesday 8am–12pm, 3–7pm

Thursday 8am–12pm, 3–7pm

Friday 8am–12pm, 3–7pm

Saturday Closed

Sunday Closed

closed daily from 12-15pm

Time needed: 1 hour, not that big

Photos are permitted

Interior: altars (guided gold) and chapels

Windows: stained glass

Statues & Sculptures: Romanesque and Gothic sculptures dating back to the 11th century. Statues in the San Giovanni Chapel, by the Swiss-Italian sculptor of the early Renaissance, Domenico Gaggini, and by Matteo Civitali

Marvellous stuccos and frescoes - unknown Byzantine artist created frescoes around 1300, and others have been added over the centuries, frescoes by Luca Camiaso on the vault of the left aisle, or on the right one by Lazzaro Tavarone from the 17th century.

Organ, dating back to 1936, with evidence of organs in the Cathedral of San Lorenzo dating back to 1391.

Dome: €5 charge for the winding steps (140 approx) up to the tower (mid level aerial view of the Cathedral interior and superb views from the top). The dome and bell tower were added to the church in the 16th century.

Outer forefront facade with white and black stripes with workmanship of each column with various designs. (The black is sourced from local materials and the white from Tuscany). Lions guarding the entrance.

In the Cathedral is a World War II bomb that was dropped by the British and miraculously never exploded. Public viewing of this curious unexploded bomb is permitted

Do not miss the Museum which holds a number of relics brought from the Crusades (fee required - part of the Genoa museum card)

The annual Perseids meteor shower reaches its peak mid-August and known as ‘The Night of St. Lawrence’ or Night of the Shooting Stars. The meteors are thought to be ‘the tears of San Lorenzo’ that fall on the earth around the 10th - 12th August.


The Night of the Shooting Stars (Italian: La Notte di San Lorenzo)

1982 Italian war film directed by Paolo Taviani and Vittorio Taviani and written by Giuliani G. De Negri, Paolo Taviani, Tonino Guerra, and Vittorio Taviani.

1982 at Cannes Film Festival this film won the Jury Special Grand Prix and was selected by Italy as its entry for the Best Foreign Language Film.


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