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3 Must-see reasons to visit Genoa in summer

With the arrival of the hot summer season, Genoa reveals its most fascinating and engaging side: it is indeed a destination steeped in history, culture and breathtaking landscapes. So let's explore three must-see reasons to visit Genoa in summer. From the charming alleys of the historic center, rich in seafaring history, to the magnificent views of the sea, to the culinary experiences that will satisfy even the most discerning palates, Genoa proves to be a must-see summer destination.

Scopri 3 buoni motivi per visitare Genova in estate
3 must-see reasons to visit Genoa in summer

1. Sea and beaches

Genoa boasts some of the most fascinating beaches in the Ligurian Sea. Among the pearls to discover are Vernazzola and Boccadasse, with their picturesque bays and turquoise waters, they are perfect for enjoying the sea and sun.

Moreover, thanks to the strategic location of our hotel, positioned only 5 minutes from the train station, you can easily reach other enchanting seaside resorts nearby, allowing you to explore the coastal beauty of Liguria.

2. The historic center and the Old Port

Even on the hottest days, Genoa welcomes you with its pleasant sea breeze. This breezy climate makes it possible to explore the historic center and its wonders without being overwhelmed by the heat.

In particular, the Old Port is one of the most fascinating areas, where history and modernity blend harmoniously. Here you can admire the famous Aquarium of Genoa, the largest in Europe, and immerse yourself in a marine world full of wonders. In addition to the Old Port, don't forget to explore seaside neighborhoods such as Nervi, with its charming atmospheres and breathtaking panoramic views.

3. Aperitifs by the sea and unforgettable sunsets

Genoa offers beautiful waterfront promenades, including those of Nervi and Corso Italia. Here you can enjoy pleasant walks overlooking the sea, admiring enchanting views and relaxing on the many terraces overlooking the coast.

There is no shortage of possibilities for a tasty break: you can delight yourself with sea-view aperitifs and dine while admiring the spectacular sunset over the waves of the Ligurian Sea, sampling seafood cuisine and local products in one of the many restaurants overlooking the shoreline.


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